Rehoming Dogs in Need

Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer 501c3 nonprofit based in the United States of America which is dedicated to finding good homes for Lagotto Romagnolo. The popularity of ownership and breeding of the Lagotto has given rise to the increased need of support for this ancient and special breed.

We are supported by donors, breeders and the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America.

Freddy Markham        Director

Robin Morehouse       Director

Denise Peters             Director

Jim Talbert                  Director



There are currently no available rescue dogs. However we will post a link here and on Facebook when there are. As a still rare breed, rescues are rare also. Most inquiries are about rescue puppies. In our experience the only lagotto romagnolo dogs in need of rehoming are adults or dogs with behavioral issues. If you are looking for a puppy, please contact a reputable breeder. 



After many months of work to get up and running, the Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Rescue has completed its first successful rescue and rehoming. Late in May, we received a call from the grief-stricken son of a Lagotto owner letting us know that his mother had passed away the night before. Her will stipulated that her beloved Amico find a home through the Lagotto Club. He did some research and found us. In the midst of a very difficult time, he wanted to make sure his mother’s beloved Lagotto found a new home. The dog was safe in a kennel, but our hearts broke for the poor 11.5 year old dog who lost his mom. They were reported to be constant companions. Starting a rescue in the face of a national pandemic would pose some unexpected challenges, so we were grateful a dear friend and Lagotto lover was nearby and able to help. Leslie Smith and her family (including Lagotti Ciro and Cosimo) welcomed Amico into their home. They immediately fell in love with this sweet older boy, who loves people and stealing food. She was able to help us figure out what home situation would be best for him. We received numerous applications and were lucky to find a perfect home with Deborah and Greg Spence. While they had never owned a Lagotto, they have a friend with two and were familiar with the breed. They had recently lost a standard poodle, and were hoping to find a rescue dog. They saw Amico’s story and reached out right away. Amico was in his new home within a week. He is clearly already a beloved part of the family. He continues to be spoiled, but has demonstrated a new skill. True to his breed, he loves to swim. We wish them many happy years together.
Please consider supporting us. We welcome financial help as well as volunteers to help with the organization as well as fosters, transporters, and those that can assess behavior and assist with veterinary and grooming needs.


Vinnie meets her new family in Maryland. She was rescued in late April and adopted by her new family on May 4th 2021. Also pictured to the right, Denise Peters LRDR, Our first successful adoption for the year. 

Freddy Markham, Director